What is the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM)?
The ABAIM is an independent, nonprofit organization (501c6) which aims to assist individuals to complete a certification as a credential for knowledge in the principles and applications of artificial intelligence and human cognition in medicine and healthcare (inclusive of related fields/areas of biomedical informatics, biostatistics, trial design, evidence-based medicine, etc).

What is the vision and mission for the ABAIM? 
The vision is to improve understanding and application of artificial intelligence to pursue improved outcome in clinical medicine and healthcare. The mission is to maintain and advance knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence and human cognition in clinical medicine and health care by certifying clinicians, healthcare professionals, and students as well as data scientists and other stakeholders who meet the standards of knowledge.
Who is involved with the ABAIM?
A distinguished multidisciplinary board of officers and leads with a group of advisors comprised of 50+ members (covering subspecialties of clinical medicine, areas of artificial intelligence, or both) was convened for the nascent American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM). The advisory group will guide to ABAIM board to execute the strategy to accomplish the vision and mission of the ABAIM.
If I am a clinician with little or no education and training in artificial intelligence (including programming), will this ABAIM Review Course be too difficult for me?
This course is designed especially for clinicians and healthcare workers as well as students and trainees with little or no background in computer programming, data science, or artificial intelligence as well as data scientists and AI experts who do not have intimate clinical knowledge as we cover many areas in the domains of clinical medicine and artificial intelligence.
If I am a data scientist, can I take the ABAIM Review Course as well as the ABAIM Educational Certification and will these be useful for me?
This course and assessment with certification is designed for everyone in this domain, with many topics relevant for data scientists in this domain.
What does the ABAIM Educational Certification entail?
The Educational Certification assessment will consist of 110 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 2 hours. Upon successful completion of this assessment with a score of at least 70, the ABAIM Educational Certification will be awarded.
How does one prepare for the ABAIM Educational Certification?
There is a monthly two-day review course and recommended textbooks as well as suggested videos and articles. A study guide is also available to Review Course attendees. There is a mini pre- and post-course assessment before and after the Review Course in preparation for the ABAIM Educational Certification.
What would ABAIM Educational Certification do for my interest in AI? What would I be certified for?
This certification under the ABAIM is meant to give you a start in AI in healthcare education and validate an adequate level of knowledge. An intermediate and advanced level of certification is also being developed.
How long will the ABAIM Educational Certification be good for?
The certification is an educational competency certification that will be valid for two years.
How will the recertification process work?
The process for recertification will be commensurate with the educational and professional level as well as encourage a continual educational process. There will be ongoing discussions about incorporating analytics and natural language processing in the maintenance of certification.
Will there be ongoing ABAIM fees or yearly dues?
There will not be ongoing fees, however there will be a fee for recertification.
Will there be an ABAIM Board Certification process in the future?
There is a plan for this certification process to lead to board certification for clinicians and other healthcare professionals as a subarea of excellence in healthcare in the future (similar to board certification in informatics). ABAIM Board Certification will be a separate process from the current Educational Certification.
What are the other future plans of the ABAIM?
There is interest in educational and professional development towards specialized training in the form of fellowship in artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare.
How can I help the ABAIM?
You can get involved by becoming a sponsor, by donating to our scholarship program, or by letting healthcare leaders and workers know about the Review Course and Educational Certification.

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