ABAIM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate all stakeholders in the domain of artificial intelligence in clinical medicine and healthcare.

The ABAIM is a nascent multidisciplinary AI advisory group of domain experts formed to provide educational content and a certification examination for healthcare participants in the course as they embark on their journey of AI in medicine. There will be review courses prior to the certification assessments/examinations. The ABAIM vision is to mature this certification strategy to board certification for clinicians (similar to the clinical informatics board certification) and others within a few years.


To improve understanding and application of artificial intelligence, to pursue improved outcome in clinical medicine and healthcare for all healthcare providers and services and to provide a solid-lasting foundation of ethics in AI.


Maintaining and advancing knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence and human cognition in clinical medicine and health care by certifying students and healthcare professionals who meet the standards of competency.

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